Discover ElioVP

Empowering Innovation with Advanced HPC/AI Solutions and Sustainable Technology Practices

Our Mission

ElioVP's aims lead in cloud computing and high-performance computing (HPC)/AI, focusing on AMD-powered solutions for efficiency and sustainability. This mission reflects our dedication to driving innovation while maintaining an eco-conscious approach in their offerings.

Our Role

ElioVP's aims to pioneer AMD-based cloud and high-performance computing solutions. Specialize in creating energy-efficient, high-density computing environments, and providing scalable, secure cloud services. Dedicating cost-effective solutions to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Our Values

ElioVP's values include fostering innovation, prioritizing customer-centric solutions. We believe in ethical business practices, continuous learning, and adapting to technological changes. Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency in technology guides our decisions and actions.

“At ElioVP, we're not just creating technology; we're crafting the future. Our commitment goes beyond delivering high-performance computing solutions. We envision a world where innovation and customer success intersect seamlessly, powered by our sustainable, cutting-edge technology.

We're dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses leverage cloud computing, making it more accessible, efficient, and environmentally conscious. Our journey is not just about advancing technology, but about empowering our customers to achieve their greatest potential through our transformative solutions.”
Chief Executive Officer
Elio Van Puyvelde
Our Team

The heart and soul of our success story

Elio Van Puyvelde
Founder / Principal Innovator / Originator
Rob Quist
Tech Strategist / Innovation Catalyst
Kian Mohadjerin
Lead Systems Designer / Python Prodigy
Rob Harings
Server-side Sorcerer / Backend Artisan
Filip Morel
Operations Strategist / Process Virtuoso
Dale Chapman
Systems Virtuoso / Hardware Maestro
Mariano Salomon
Chief Revenue Officer / the deal maker