AMD Instinct™ MI250 Accelerators

Unleash Supercharged Performance with AMD Instinct™ MI250.
Elevate Your HPC and AI Workloads to New Heights.

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High-Bandwidth Memory

With 128 GB of HBM2e memory and a 3.2 TB/s peak memory bandwidth, MI250 accelerators provide ample memory resources for data-intensive tasks.

Supercharged bandwidth

High memory bandwidth ensures data access speed.

AI and HPC Workloads

Supports memory-intensive workloads.
Feature Breakdown

Understand how to make the best use of MI250s

Formidable GPU Architecture - CDNA2

MI250 delivers groundbreaking performance with 13,312 stream processors and 208 compute units for unrivaled computational power.

Massive Memory - 128 GB HBM2e

MI250's 128 GB HBM2e memory and 3.2 TB/s peak memory bandwidth provide ample resources for large datasets, AI training, and complex simulations.

Energy-Efficient - TSMC 6nm FinFET Lithography

Built with TSMC 6nm FinFET lithography, MI250 ensures energy efficiency and reduced thermal design power (TDP), lowering operational costs.

High Connectivity - PCIe® 4.0 x16 Interface

MI250 offers high-speed connectivity and 100 GB/s peak Infinity Fabric™ link bandwidth for rapid data transfer.

Passive Cooling - Efficient OAM Cooling

MI250's passive OAM cooling design ensures reliable and silent operation while effectively dissipating heat, ideal for noise-sensitive environments.

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