September 28, 2023

One Stop Shop

Eliovp steps into cloud HPC/AI, innovating with portable data centers, advanced AMD software optimization, and expanding projects in Belgian R&D lab.

One Stop Shop

Pioneering the Next Frontier in Cloud HPC/AI

Big Reveal Time! 🎉 We've been the architects behind the scenes for many years, and now it's our moment to shine. Eliovp is officially stepping into the spotlight, ready to redefine the landscape of cloud HPC/AI.

What's Hot? 🔥 Revolutionary Datacenter Solutions: We're not just talking hardware. We're reimagining data centers - packed in a shipping container, but bursting with the latest HPC/AI advancements, cutting-edge networking, and state-of-the-art cooling systems. It's not just a data center; it's a powerhouse on the move.

Transformative Software Ecosystem: 💡 Our software suite is a testament to engineering excellence, optimized for the full spectrum of AMD Instinct Accelerators. This isn't just software; it's a symphony composed for peak performance, harmonizing with AMD's architecture and powered by the robust foundation of Supermicro servers.

Expanding Horizons: 🌍 Our integration with the AMD Instinct range, from the MI50 to the MI300, is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for our dual-container deployment featuring AMD Instinct MI250X in collaboration with Arkon Energy, and a sneak peek into our Belgian R&D lab where the MI300X server is set to arrive.

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